Digital Advertising Has Overtaken TV Advertising Revenue

According to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report (2016), digital advertising has overtaken TV advertising revenue. 

Social media advertising revenue was around $16-billion in 2016, compared with $10.9-billion in 2015. That’s definitely an impressive growth and further proof that the world has changed when it comes to how we consume content and how marketers can monetise that engagement. 

In a piece on Bizcommunity, Desiree Gullan, executive creative director at Gullan & Gullan, cautions that with the increase in numbers of ads comes the inevitable advertising avoidance by consumers. 
Users’ attention is becoming prized real estate, which means content needs to be smarter, more innovative, and more engaging than ever before.
I can totally relate to that. Nobody wants to be inundated with unsolicited ads on the phone or on sites they visits. Actually, that is one of the reason I have avoided having too many ads on my blog. I want the experience you have here to be about the content, not what I can sell you — which honestly speaking, has limited by ability to profit off of this platform. However, I find more value in trust and building a longterm relationship with my readers above everything else. 

With data connection being so expensive and inaccessible to majority of South Africans, I personally do not see that growth trend being a thing in South Africa. Traditional media still reigns supreme in adversing and consumer reach in Mzansi. 

Nielsen Sub-Saharan Africa reported a R15Billion 2016 television ad spend, with radio having had the biggest ad spend growth at 10.9% in 2016 with R2.9Billion from 2015's R2.6Billion. Print media ad spend dropped by 2.1% in 2016 with R2.9Billion from 2015's R3.1Billion. 

While multimedia appears to be on a meteoric rise in the context of digital advertising and content marketing worldwide, I think it would be a while until South Africa experiences the same change. Data has to fall! 

This is not to say there aren't opportunities to make money off of advertising if you have a digital platform. People like Tbo Touch and his Touch HD online radio and upcoming online tv channel may not make millions off the bat but in times they will be better positioned to cash in big when the transition happens. 

When data eventually falls, hopefully in our lifetime, content creators who have already built a following and brand reputation online will definitely be the big beneficiaries. 

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