FNB Launches New Campaign

First National Bank (FNB) has launched a new brand repositioning campaign which reinforces FNB’s purpose of helpfulness.

It promotes the ownership of the concept of 'help', by depicting people who are empowered to realise their dreams and take control of their lives by 'helping themselves'.

“At FNB, we want to ensure that we resonate with our customers on their journey through life at an emotional level, and leave them feeling uniquely empowered to help themselves in all areas of their lives, not just in banking. It is a departure from conventional banking campaigns and it is relevant across the continent,” says FNB chief marketing officer, Faye Mfikwe.

The central message is that 'the future of help' is 'to help people to help themselves'. The storyline depicts ordinary people working together in a series of inspiring, empowering scenes, in an aim to make an emotional connection with the viewer.

“FNB is more than a bank. We are defining what help means in today’s culture and in the society we live in. We are focusing on people, because we understand that 21st-century brands fit in with their customers’ lifestyles, connecting with them in two-way conversations.

We empower our customers to own their interactions with FNB and we want them to get the best out of the relationship. We have built solid platforms using innovative technologies to facilitate meaningful interactions. Where this journey is taking the FNB customer, is a place where all their needs are met – now, and in their future,” adds Mfikwe.

“It is all about removing obstacles or ‘friction’ from the lives of FNB customers through the services and products that we provide. FNB is looking at the entire customer journey, from personal to business, and seeing where we can help customers by connecting them to the most helpful and relevant solutions and services,” Mfikwe concludes.

The new campaign launched nationwide across outdoor, television, cinema, on digital, and internally.

Watch the ads below;

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