Local Film 'Beyond The River' Attracts International Distribution Deal

SA film Beyond the River, starring Lemogang Tsipa and Grant Swanby has caught the attention of international distributors and is set to hit cinemas outside our borders. 

According to a statement released by Heartlines, the company behind the inspirational local film, requests have been streaming in as far afield as Belgium, Australia, Argentina, Britain and Tasmania.

The film set in Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa is inspired by the true story of Piers Cruickshanks and Siseko Ntondini, who together competed in one of the toughest river races, the Dusi Canoe Marathon, the widely-acclaimed locally produced film is an adventure drama, which highlights racial tension, inequality and social gaps. , 

Beyond The River performed disappointedly for it's budget but moderately ok for a local film of its genre in the local circuit. It made R2.6-million at the South African box office on a seven week run in cinemas and was shown in fifty-three screens nation wide. 

It was made on a R13.6-million budget. Box Office figures do not reflect pre-release block bookings, which includes the MNet movies day screenings, so it is likely that it made around another R1-million there. While the figures are way below a profit margin the film can still make money on DSTV Box Office rental. 

Beyond the River has received raving reviews from critics and I personally was amazing by Lemogang Tsipa's performance. Undoubtedly the international distribution deal will bring some cash back into the investment in this movie. 

Watch trailer;

Beyond The River is off the cinema circuit in SA but you can catch it on DSTV’s Box Office right now, and on DVD for rental or retail from mid-July. 

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