Minnie Dlamini Takes A Spotlight Break

Television personality Minnie Dlamini has been M.I.A from the social scene and I am all for it. Her pulling back from the spotlight is attributed to her up-coming wedding but I think there is more to it than that.  

This year Minnie has not been out and about on the social scene a lot. Not that I attend a lot of events, but I have literally not seen her in person at all this year. Adding to that she has also cut down extensively on doing media interviews. 

While the assertion that this hiatus might have something to do with her preparing for her wedding has some merits to it, I also think this is a brilliant brand strategy. There is such a thing as overexposure in this business which may lead one's brand to be redundant. 

Minnie is a smart woman and she recognises that her longevity in this business depends on her being able to be relevant and somewhat of an in-demand brand. You can't have that if we constantly talking about you or seeing you everywhere. People get tired. 

What I foresee is Minnie coming back onto the spotlight with a whole rebranding strategy as a woman who has come into her won. She is getting married and might be exploring motherhood soon so she can not still be tossing around the industry mud to be seen as an 'it girl'. She is outgrowing that phase in her life and career. 

In SA, especially with the ladies, the attention is rarely about the projects that the stars are doing but more about their personal lives and image. I think Minnie gets that and wants to transcend that frivolous phase and become a power player like Basetsana Kumalo or Connie Ferguson.  

She is still on tv. She is hosting a show on Supersport with Lungile Radu, but she has certainly pulled back from the celebrity game. That tells me, there is plan behind the move. She is not being ignored or turning her back on the game, she is just regrouping. And I am all for it!!

I am actually excited to see what the next chapter in her career will be. And this is what branding is about ... knowing when to pull back and reinvent yourself before the industry pushes you to the side. 

A lot of celebrities make the mistake of wanting to be in our faces all the time and they end up burning out. Some even inject themselves on social media ruckus just to keep their name alive. BUT stars steer the conversation around them based on what they want the narrative to be. 

And we wait to see what next for the soon-to-be Mrs Jones!

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