The Voice SA Could Be Making Over R100k Per Show From Ticket Sales

The Voice SA hosted by Lundile Radu and airing on MNet might not have the biggest ratings for a music tv talent show in SA but it sure is making some good cash. 

I have had the privilege of being invited to be part of the audience at the LIVE performance shoot of the The Voice SA in Johannesburg and I have been amazed at the number of fans that show up on Sunday to watch their favourite show.

This past Sunday the Mosaiek Teatro was packed to capacity as the show bid farewell to 26 year old PJ Pretorius. The venue's auditorium has a capacity to accommodate just over 3000 people.

Tickets to be part of the audience on the show are sold at R50 a pop. Obviously not everyone in the venue would have paid for a tickets, they do offer complimentary tickets — but one can estimate that atleast 80% of the people there must have bought tickets.

If everyone in the venue was paying, the show would have made R150 000 every Sunday that they had a full house. Let's take away family members, VIP guests and some complimentary tickets, I think R50 000 is generous figure for that — the show would have still made R100 000 a night.

The Voice SA has 8 live shows with audience they shoot, assuming all had a full capacity we are looking at almost R800 000 made from ticket sales for the show in Season 2.

Tickets for The Voice SA live shows are available from Computicket.

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