Uthando Ne'sthembu Breaks Dstv Record

May 2017 ratings are out and Mzansi Magic's new controversial reality show Uthando Ne'sthembu has shattered a Dstv record and left the competition in the dust. 

According to the latest television ratings, Uthando Ne'sthembu pulled an impressive 675 098 viewers for its highest rated episode for the month. The episode was aired on Thursday May 30th and had a 2 AR and a 5.8 audience share for that evening. This makes the show the highest rated reality show on DSTV, ever.

First season of Living The Dream With Somizi in 2016 was pulling about 390 000 viewers per episode with the season finale pulling 395 916 viewers — a 5.2% audience share and 1.2 AR. 

In 2017 The Ranakas and Papa Penny Ahee obliterated Somizi's numbers. According to January television ratings, The Ranakas pulled 548 872 viewers for their highest rated episode. Papa Penny Ahee, for its highest rated episode of January, pulled 471 292 viewers on the episode that aired on the 18th. 

In March both shows' ratings dropped but Papa Penny Ahee beat The Ranakas to be the number 1 reality show on DSTV for that period with 354872 viewers pulled on the 19th. 

For his return with Season 2, Somizi's Living The Dream With Somizi, did not even make the Top 30 of Dstv shows. Leaving Papa Penny Ahee to stay atop the leaderboard as he and The Ranakas ended their seasons. 

For the month of May 2017, Uthando' Ne'sthembu completely obliterated all of them by being the first reality show on Dstv to pull more than 600k viewers per episode. Living The Dream With Somizi could only pull 395 146. 

This impressive considering that the show on that 20h00 slot on Thursday is competing with the juggernaut that is Generations- The Legacy. 

The reality show that follows businessman Musa Mseleku and his four wives as they navigate a polygamous relationship, their family dynamic, staying true to tradition in a modern world and the sisterhood of the wives, has clearly struck a core with Mzansi Magic viewers. 

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