Whoopi Goldberg Asks Trevor Noah To Guest Co-Host 'The View'

On Monday, South Africa's latest export to Hollywood, Trevor Noah, made an appearance on The View in the US and the ladies could not stop swooning over him. Even Whoopi ended up inviting him to return as a guest co-host. 

If there is any South African entertainer since Charlize Theron who can shout out "Look Ma, I made it!" and not get the side-eye, that would be Trevor Noah. The Daily Show host has cemented his position in the A-list stratosphere of Hollywood. 

Not only has his replacement of the highly lauded Jon Stewart on The Daily show worked out well — Noah has pulled some impressive ratings numbers for the show, Hollywood has embraced our Mzansi guy with open arm. 

During his conversation with the ladies of The View I was struck by how confident he was in his own conviction. That is something most people lack and turn to fake a lot when they are in a presence of celebrities, but Noah exhibited the quality in him that has made me even more of a fan of his than I  already was. 

When Joy Behar made a comment to him that somewhat suggested that comedians are under siege, she actually used the words 'I think it is a dangerous time for comedians...' , Noah was quick to point out that he holds a different view. 

The conversation as you would see in the video below was centred around the issue of comedians getting in trouble for things they say or do, some in jest. While Behar was trying to drive home the point that comedians should not be censored, Noah brilliantly responded by pointing out that comedy [and comedians] should be progressive. There are certain things that were ok to be said before that are not viewed the same way now because we know better. 

"I think it's good... I won't lie. As a comedian I look back and see there are things I shouldn't have been saying. We are progressing. We are moving forward. There's things we said about women we shouldnt have been saying..." Noah said to Behar.

"I remember a time when I used to love making fat jokes cos I thought, look at this, this is edgy. But it wasnt though. It wasn't ahead of anything..."

A fake person or person easily swayed by the glaring light of being around big celebrities or being in a prestigious platform like that, would have caved to the narrative Joy Behar was trying to push. But what I saw in Trevor's response is that he stood firm and asserted his opinion that some things are not keeping with where we are as a society and if art is to reflect the space that we live in, we should be sensitive to not using words and actions in our art that will hurt people. 

I loved that. That is a measure of a grounded man who is not swayed by his celebrity status and the platform that come with it. In that I can fully see why millions around the world have connected with Trevor. You may not agree with his view but you have to respect that he stands for something. 

Needless to say, the panel of ladies were just drowning in Trevor's cool. At the end of the interview, Whoopi Goldberg invited Trevor to return and co-host. 

Watch the full conversation below

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