Zahara Needs To Let This Somizi Thing Go!

Celebrities are human like the rest of us. They too get hurt. I get that Zahara was clearly offended by Somizi's joke at the SAMAs. But lady, let it go. At this point, you are only hurting yourself.

Just read an article in the City Press, on which Zahara invited a journalist to her home and spoke at length about the SAMAs joke and her intention to take legal action against Somizi.

“Somizi is like a brother to me, I used to confide in him when I was going through tough times. I trusted him and for him to make such comments ... I was really hurt and disappointed. He is a big star. I look up to him, he should have known better,” the paper reports that an emotional Zahara said.

She apparently said the reason she wanted to take the legal route was that previous negative comments had played a huge role in damaging her image.

She believes that bad publicity robbed her of lucrative contracts, resulting in a negative effect on her music career.

“My contract of five years with Nedbank was never renewed because of bad publicity. I’ll be suing everyone who says bad things about me without facts,” she resolved.

“Both of us [me and Mhlongo] know that it was not a joke. It was not scripted ... it was his own words. It hurt me,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“We should have ironed things out, but I feel he doesn’t care because he isn’t answering my calls.”

Again, I get that she was hurt by the joke. But let us be real here. Had Zahara not addressed the issue or joke, like the other celebrities Somizi took comical jabs at did, this story would be dead by now.

The only person keeping this alive is her and invariably hurting her own brand. Truth be told, it is unlikely that a lot of people would have paid any mind to the joke or the motivation for the joke beyond the SAMAs broadcast if she just let it go.

Now even people who did not know that she is rumoured to have a drinking problem are privy to such stories because she is doing interviews about the SAMAs incident. Should she sue Somizi, they will be more reports on this thus opening up the story to even more people.

Who am I to tell her how to feel? Trust me I am not trying to do that. For her own sanity and career, I can only offer an opinion based on how this may have a negative impact on the very brand she is claiming to want to protect. 

Not to be mean to her but let us be frank for a sec. Since leaving TS Records, Zahara's star power has withered. She is no longer the A-lister she was. I don't think alienating the industry by acting like she is above being joked about is helping her career.

Beyonce's team tried it and failed after her 2013 Superbowl performance when they demanded that unflattering pictures of her be pulled from the net. What in turn happened is that they brought more attention to the pictures and enflamed the mockery of Beyonce. That's what happens.

I would not be surprised if comedians lurch on to this and make fun of her in their skits. When you try and silence people, that is when you embolden them to mock you further.

Somizi apologised to her because he clearly understood that she was offended. He said; 

“I only mentioned the bar and her name, not alcohol. But if that offended her, I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt or harm her. It was just a joke.

“Askies, Zahara, I was just having fun. I joked about a lot of people, including Khanyi Mbau that she was white. I made a joke about Babes Wodumo and she was laughing.”

Haai, I'm sorry Zahara still feels hurt by this but she ought to let this one go. Even if she succeeds in suing Somizi, which is highly unlikely, she will only come out of this more bruised.

People will make fun of stories reported about her. People will make fun of her fashion style. People will make fun of her life. That is the nature of the beast that is celebrity culture. That is what you sign up for when you join this industry! 

Just get back to making music sisi. Let your talent do the talking for you. Nobody can take that away from you. 

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