'Harvest' Was Made To End

It is perhaps etv's most critically acclaimed television show in a decade, the drama series Harvest  has reinvigorated the channel's local content but its run is set to be short. 

Viewers and television critics who have seen 'Harvest' agree that the show delivers on all aspects of a great television show; the compelling storylines, stellar performances and visual splendour! 

At a time when it seems like every other local show on our screen is a telenovela or soap, the creator of Harvest says she pitched the show knowing that she intended for it not to be drawn out for too long. 

Portia Gumede, creator and producer of the show; 
Harvest was structured with a precise story agenda. Where every character is served with a deserved ending.
Harvest was picked up by etv for just 26 episodes. The show is currently on its 10th episode with the finale set to be aired in October 2017. Though the show has not particularly been a ratings smash for the channel (it failed to make the top 20 of the channels' programming in May), according to the producer; the show has grown the slot in terms of viewership from where it was by 31%.

“We are happy with the performance and quality of the show. Viewer feedback has been positive" MD at e.tv Channels, Marlon Davids tells me when I posed the question to him about his thoughts on the show's performance. 

When I asked if the channel would be open to adding another season should the producers be interested in expanding the series, Davids said; 
“Yes, e.tv is open to the possibility of another season”
Unfortunately another season of Harvest is a prospect the creator/producer of the show is not too enthusiastic about. Gumede says; 
Etv has been of great support in crafting this story as we all knew it's beginning, middle and end thus allowing a viewer a satisfactory climax. We would be reluctant to open ourselves up to another season without ruining a good thing.
As someone who is not a big fan of soapies and telenovelas, I can appreciate the decision to just put out planned episodes and let the show bounce out on a positive note. However, I am also aware that a lot of viewers are only catching on to the show mid-season. It is only in the last 3 episode that some people have realised what a great show Harvest is and committed to being regular viewers. 

With the lack of a vibrant streaming, packaged series sales and series DVD culture in South Africa, it is unfortunate that once Harvest ends in October, many South Africans will never know of it. The show is very good and one would have hoped that once it ends on etv, viewers may still get it on DVD or online — but I could be wrong, the show may find a following somewhere else post October. 

Harvest airs on etv Mondays at 21h30. 

NB: Only 16 episodes left so you better tell your friends to tune in.

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