Interesting bits from June 2017 Television Ratings

The broadcasting research council of South Africa released their monthly television ratings today and here are some interesting tit-bits to take from the lists. 

Each channel is given a top 20 list with DStv getting a top 30 that combine all channels on the pay-tv platform.

SABC1 continues to dominate the audience share of South African television viewers. Granted Mzansi Magic has had a formidable impact on the local content tv landscape but their numbers still aren't big enough to be a big threat to SABC1, but it is SABC3 that is proving to be a problem child for the SABC. 

SABC3 as a channel is going through a serious identity crisis. According to June ratings, with the exception of Isidingo and probably two other shows, the Top 20 is taken over by international content. None of the new local shows the channel has introduced since the 80% quota have had any impact on the channel's viewership pull. 

Harvest failed to make the Top 20 of etv, pulling less than 1.6-million cut off number required for the list in June. 

Real Talk With Anele also didn't make the cut for its channel. The show failed to make the 465k number for its top episode for the month thus missing the cut off for SABC3 list. Top Billing, Afternoon Express and Expresso also did not make the cut. 

Isidingo continues to be the number 1 show for SABC1, pulling a respectable 1.5-million viewers. Uzalo, Muvhango and Scandal also held on to their number 1 position on their channels pulling 8.7-million, 5.5-million and 4.4-million respectively. 

Big news at Mzansi Magic; Igazi in its second season, finally dethroned Our Perfect Wedding as the number 1 show on the channel for the month of June. It pulled 1,168,240 viewers to OPW's 1,158,984 al beit a little to late since it wrapped its season just on the first week of July. 

Uthando Nesthembu grew its audience slightly from 675k to 692K, whilst Uyang'thanda Na and Date My Family both dropped down a bit. 

Here's something Mahoney can add to his list of things to brag about. His episode which aired on June 11th was the most watched for Date My Family for the month. 

Much of the lists remain relatively the same with shows like Generations and Rhythm City remaining steady and strong.

Vuzu, BET and Music channels are still nowhere to be seen on the DStv list. 

KyKNet, despite competition from SABC and VIA, managed to squeeze in twi shows on the DSTV top 30 list, Binnelanders and their Afrikaans news bulletin. 







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