Mzwakhe Mbuli accused of being a 'funeral scammer'

Thabiso Mosia went on tirade on Twitter about how Mzwakhe Mbuli usurped Mandoza's funeral and allegedly stole money donated to the family by the government. 

Here are the tweets by Thabiso. They tell quite a tale ...
Allegations of using funeral to run a promotional platform for his friends and some are said to be pastors;

And then Thabiso sheds some light on why a clearly frail looking Mandoza performed at the SABC Thank You Concert, according to Thabiso; he was forced to because he had being paid in advance.

Thabiso Mosia is currently out of the country and promised his followers (and I guess the entire country) that upon his return he will produce documents as evidence to back up his charges against Mzwakhe Mbuli. 

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