Reaction to Phila Madlingozi reportedly being fired from 'Isikizi'

DRUM magazine reports via their website that actor Phila Madlingozi has been dropped from Mzansi Magic series Isikizi for "being difficult to work with and big headed.".

According to DRUM, their sources are telling them;

“Phila has been shown the door on Isikizi because he has been a headache. He is difficult to work with and has become big headed,” 

“Phila has a bad attitude and they just had to let him go,” another source reportedly tells DRUM.

In an industry that is rampant with the intimidation of black performers [yes I am going there] it is unfortunate that DRUM would post a hit piece like this without giving context. The article on Drum's website is titled 'DETAILS: Why Phila Madlingozi won’t be part of Isikizi season 3' but it offers no details of what exactly is it he has done.

The reporter had access to sources on the production, it baffles me why he/she did not ask them to elaborate or give examples of said acts of big-headedness from the actor before running the story.

I say this because we all know the South African entertainment industry is small. While one may hope an artist would always be judged on the merits of the their work, personality traits also play a role in artists getting work. Simply put; reports like "he/she is difficult to work with" can harm someone's prospects for work. 

With that, I really hope the reporter could have asked for evidentiary information to support these claims before labelling the young actor. This could irreparably besmirch the young man's career, if it is not true. 

I know I am a little bias here. I always lean towards protecting artists over production companies because I know our local artists, especially black artists, are on their own out there. There is no union or a collective solidarity body that supports the interests of artists in South Africa. Artists are often treated like babies who just have to do what they are told or they get fired or labelled as divas. 

I am not saying there aren't actors and performers out there who are 'difficult to work with' nor am I saying Phila is falsely accused. All I am saying is that; given what dire consequences such labels could have on one's career, a bit of context and evidence must be ascertained by our reporters before putting rumors out there that could jeopardise people's careers. 

What exactly did Phila do to warrant such accusations of being big headed and difficult to work with?

I spoke to Phila's PR manager and she did not seem to be aware of any friction between the actor and the production company. Mzansi Magic would not comment on the matter because it is an issue between the actor and his employer which is the production company.

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