Somizi Planning To Release A Deluxe Version Of His Book; Dominoes

A deluxe version of Somizi Mhlongo's book Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit is in the works and it promises to be more revealing than the original released on Wednesday, June 29 2017. 

As stated in my previous post about the release of Somizi's memoir Dominoes, the 122 pages book felt a bit lacking in some details. Well, the man himself revealed at the launch party this past week that a deluxe version of the book will follow. 

Mhlongo revealed that in the deluxe version he plans to expand on the chapter in Dominoes where he shares information about his ex whom he refers to as the one lover he messed up when he allowed their relationship to end the way it did. 

At the launch Mhlongo spoke of how his ex, who he revealed to be Tom Mkhwanazi, was the first person he called when he got the bad news about his health and how Mkhwanazi dropped everything to be by his side. He says Mkhwanazi was the support he needed at that time to conjure that fighting spirit to live even when the doctors told him it was the end for him. 

It is unlikely that the deluxe version would be released this year as I would presume Somizi and Exclusive Books would want to give the original version a gracing period to accumulate decent sales numbers. So, we likely looking at having the deluxe version next year. 

I would suggest that you read the original first so that you can have some context once the deluxe version comes out. There is still a lot shared on the original. 

Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit is available at Exclusive Book for R180.  

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