Soul Candi Launches Dance Music Awards South Africa

Concept initiators Soul Candi announced the launch of the first annual official Dance Music Awards South Africa in Johannesburg this week.

Created to acknowledge and honour the accomplishments and contributions of South African dance music artists, the Dance Music Awards South African (DMASA) aims to award the hard working, publicly-recognized individuals who are pushing boundaries and driving South Africa’s thriving dance music industry forward.

The winner selection will be held entirely online with the SADMA managed as an audience-voted award event dedicated to South African dance music. Voting and nominations will be made through the official website & social media. With the fully transparent user voted award process, the DMASA gives the public the power to choose the award winners. Competition will be driven strictly by social media and online interaction, no “panel” will dictate the nominees.

The actual awards ‘ceremony’ will also be conducted online, where the winner will be announced in each category. This not only provides fans a chance to interact with artists/DJs around South Africa but also helps those artists/DJs gain recognition and prestige throughout a wider fan base and audience. The winners will then be invited to a private honorary dinner to collect their actual physical awards.


July – The Announcement
August - Phase 1 Voting campaign commences 
September - Phase 2 of Voting (Top 5 per category)
October - Winner announced 
October - Honorary dinner

The evolution of dance music in Southern Africa is nothing short of a phenomenon’ says conceptualizer Ricardo da Costa and further adds, ‘Dance music’s popularity defies race, age and socio-economic dividers so why not celebrate it? DMASA will create a platform for the commercial, underground, black, white, festival, clubs, male & female’s of the dance music industry to be honored…by the FANS!! ’

Furthermore, the DMASA also hopes to stimulate dialogue and create a forum for songwriters, performers and dance music musicians. Through this exchange the DMASA hopes to draw attention to the artists/DJ’s and ideas at work in the dance music industry and promote greater participation and recognition for South African dance music abroad.

The DMASA present an opportunity for music enthusiasts from around South Africa to celebrate their favourite DJs and/or artists by nominating or voting for them as a potential category winner. 


  • Best Male DJ 
  • Best Female DJ 
  • Best Producer 
  • Best Live Act 
  • Best Festival  
  • Best Music Video (From Dance Artist)
  • Best Male Vocalist of the Year
  • Best Female Vocalist of the Year 
  • Best Record Label
  • Compilation of The Year
  • Album of The Year 
  • Remix of The Year 
  • Best International DJ (who has recently toured or performed in SA)
  • Best International Producer (who has had recent success in the SA market)
  • Best Club of The Year (includes Clubs, Lounges, Bars, etc)
  • Best House Record of the Year
  • Best Kwaito Record of the Year
  • Best EDM Record of the Year
  • Best Underground Record of the Year (All non-commercial dance & underground sounds by SA Dance Music Artist)
  • Best Dance Radio Show Award

  • Sign Up
  • Phase 1: List your top 5 per category
  • Automate social sharing of voting procedure to user’s social platforms with who they voted for.
  • Phase 2: Vote for YOUR FAVOURITE from list per category
  • Automate social sharing

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