Thembi Nyandeni makes the cover of Bona Magazine

Bona magazine does it again! And I am all for it. The magazine is leading the way in profiling a more diverse array of our local stars by putting them on their covers — and it's about damn time. 

We have been saying; "enough with the so called IT girls" and finally Bona has heeded our call to celebrate the many other talented creatives in our entertainment industry. One may say that being on the cover of a magazine means nothing but that would be very short sighted. 

Being on a cover of magazine means your work is recognized. Being a cover star means your industry sees you as a star. It does not validate your talent but it sure puts you on a pedestal of star power. 

When you are on the cover of magazine, the industry is saying you have influence on the industry fan base's pockets. People are willing to pay money to read about you without it being a scandalous story. 

In essence being a cover star is part of an artist's brand viability and that is important. None of the A-list stars in Mzansi would have the level of stardom they have if magazines ignored them. No brand endorsements would come to them if the magazines did  not splash them all over their covers. 

Black excellence in our entertainment industry needs to be celebrated for it to be financially sustaining for our artists. We have to support our musicians, actors & other creatives by giving them a platform to shine for them to be seen as viable brand that other brands can work with in ad campaign or endorsement deals. 

Thank you to Bona for seeing the need to put other people on their cover rather than the usual five girls we always see on magazine covers. Our industry can not prosper on the success of five girls and Maps Maponyane only. We love them but there is room for others to shine too and make a living. 

HOWEVER if you are reading this, then you better go out there and buy this issue of Bona. You have the power to make sure that the magazine keeps pushing the line and adding more people on their cover. They have to see value in diversifying their covers and you can show them its worth it by buying the magazine when there is someone on the cover you havent seen before.

Congratulations to Sis'Thembi Nyandeni!

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