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I have been blessed with an opportunity to have a platform that carries some weight in the South African entertainment industry. With that I feel it is my duty to use the platform to highlight some incredible talent when I see one. 

I have been an entertainment blogger and now commentator for over a decade. My first job in this business was in 2002 as a shadow scriptwriter. I have seen it all. 

Throughout the years I have seen stars rise and fall. I have seen talent fall by the wayside because people thought they are bigger than the industry that has created them. I have seen mediocrity rise and be celebrated— only to wither in the wind because of lack of talent to sustain the attention. 

With that, I value ingenuity, hard work and creativity. Whenever I see or am told of someone who is passionate about this business, is talented and is not driven by fame, my heart just beams. I know what it means to get frustrated with not getting opportunities in this industry when people who have very little to offer seems to be handed such opportunities without even trying. I get it. 

This is why I have made it my mission to use my platform not only to critic established artists' work but to also give independent content creators a nod when they are doing something worth noting. 

Permit me to expose two YouTubers (not really two since the other is a team but what the heck, I will just cluster them as a unit) who are doing some amazing work on that platform and with your support could become a big deal. 

The channel, started by Moyin Oloruntoba, is an African celebrity entertainment news, interviews, events and  red carpet fashion coverage platform. I have been a subscriber for a while now and what I love about the channel is how professional it looks. I swear, the videos look better than some of the TV shows I have seen in our channels.

What makes me even more blown away by the channel is that according to Moyin, she compiles and edits the videos herself! There are production companies with professional teams who could never put out such good quality content and here is a lady doing it all on her own.  

Latest video: 

The channel is likely to get attention now because of their Microwave Boys panel show but that would be a shame because this channel has been producing some great local content with great quality for a while now. 

I don't know much about who owns the channel or how the whole process works as there seems to be a lot of people involved in it but I am impressed. I love that they just dont post videos just because they shot something and need to fill space. There is a method to the madness around the chaos. The videos are edited well and look professional without losing that amateurish touch that make them relatable. 

Latest video:

It is a shame that for content creators to make money in South Africa they have to go the mainstream route of doing TV and radio shows on traditional channels. It is hard for local content creators to make money on the internet platforms because brands in South Africa are still reluctant to put money behind such projects. 

There is an audience out there for content like this and it does not need to be on traditional media where it will be diluted and devoid of its authenticity. Brands just need to come on board and support these creators. 

Sidenote: Thank you Burger King South Africa and others who have supported the A1. Havent seen any brand promo on Anarchadium so my apologies for not mentioning one if they have had a sponsor before. 

SIDENOTE: There are few other Youtubers doing great work but I chose these two because their content is more Entertainment related. 

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