EXPLAINED: What is #Otatalanana?

You've seen it trend and if you are anything like me you probably wondered; I cant keep up, what the heck does that mean? Well, I asked the folks at SABC1 ...

For the SABC, the term Otatalanana has been tied to their new spring schedule offering which includes their new hit series, Tjovitjo. As such the term and hashtag have been used a lot around Tjovitjo.

On where the term originates from, SABC head of publicity Zandi Nkonyeni says;  
It originates from Kasi (township tsotsi taal). #Otatalanana is in the Shangaan language – it’s kasi (township) street lingo or a term used as an expression (of which in this context) can be loosely translated as, “it’s gonna impress you, baby”. So in our case, Tjovitjo and our new offering is aimed at leaving a lasting impression and impact on our viewers.
I asked if the term was  only associated with Tjovitjo or it is part of the channel’s tagline like Mzansi Fo Sho; 

"The term has been adopted by channel from Tjovitjo and we have used it as an encompassing campaign tag line for the new Spring shows we recently launched starting in the month of August going into September." said Nkonyeni

Well, now you know. #Otatalanana !!!

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