Khanyi Mbau wants to know YOUR secrets in a new show

Khanyi Mbau will host of BET’s new 13-part reality series called The Big Secret, which seeks to offer a platform for South Africans to share their deep secrets. 

Participants on the show will reveal their darkest secrets in their search to free themselves from emotional burdens. Confessors will divulge their secrets to Mbau and then come clean to family, close friends and/or lovers in a gripping final reveal.

Says Mbau: “Secrets trap people and stop them from progressing with their lives. The show is a platform for guests participating to free themselves emotionally and finally choose to live the life they were destined to. The Big Secret aims to support participants to build, empower and inspire themselves.”

The producers of The Big Secret hope that by watching the series, viewers find the courage and inspiration to begin their own personal journey towards unburdening themselves and reclaiming their lives.

Says Monde Twala, Vice President for BET, Youth and Music for (VIMN) Africa: “Khanyi has a wealth of life experience in interacting with diverse people and communities from all walks of life together with the challenges she has personally worked through in her own life. Her exposure to life and its challenges has shaped her sense of compassion, empathy, sensitivity and insightfulness. These are the important qualities which make her relatable and trustworthy to both the audience and candidates. The Big Secret is going to be empowering and captivating reality TV.”

Submit your story to or call 011 799 2200 for information or details around the entry process.

The Big Secret debuts on BET Africa (DStv channel 129) on Wednesday, 18 October at 21:30 CAT.

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