Mzansi Magic Failed Thembisa Mdoda

Thembisa Mdoda ufikile, wabona, wa tshatisa and now she is gone. The biggest presenter to come out of the Mzansi Magic and Our Perfect Wedding brands has quit and I am not pleased, especially because I may have a theory on why. 

Fans of the entertainment industry do not know that to be a black talent in this country, you don't only have to toil but you also have to deal with unnecessary politics that hinder one's ability to rise and fall on their own career and talent merits. 

It is not always the most talented people who get offers thrown at them nor is it always the most hardworking. 

When Mzansi Magic finally solidified itself as the new channel for black local content, we all rejoiced. Finally a platform where black talent can flourish without the politics. Finally a platform where new talent can be given a chance to develop. 

Boy, was I naive. I had so much hope on the channel and seeing people like Thembisa Mdoda come up the ranks through just being on the channel was evidence of hope to me that the channel was doing what I had expected. 

Reality has now set in. What could have been a platform to develop new talent is now becoming another platform where industry politics play a role. Where new talent had a chance has now become a place where disgruntled or thrown out talent from the SABC have come to resurrect their brand relevance. 

Do not get me wrong, I have no qualms with the It Girls coming from SABC to Mzsnsi Magic. It is a business, if Multichoice and Mzansi Magic see value in having these girls on their channel —  go for it. What bothers me is that the value does not justify the moves because the value does not exist.  

Television ratings have shown that even with their millions of social media followers, these famous ladies bring nothing to the Mzansi Magic brand except to make it another SABC1 wanna-be. 

Mdoda personified the ideals that we hoped Mzansi Magic would be. She is someone who resonated with the brand identity and fans. She is someone who was elevated by the channel. She was Mzansi Magic!! 

Unfortunately, something is happening at the channel where someone is really losing the plot and getting out of touch with the common Mzansi Magic viewer. This became very evident to me with the launch of the channel's awards initiative. 

The channel has its inaugural awards, and what do they do?! Thembisa, the biggest television presenter on their channel gets snubbed!!! 

How in the hell do you have a Mzansi Magic Viewers' Choice Awards and not have Thembisa as the host?! Instead they roped in someone who, until her brand lost its lustre, had nothing to do with Mzansi Magic and probably saw it as a step down. 

I know I'm gonna be accused of taking jabs at Bonang but screw it, I'm used to it. Yeah let's just be frank here. Why is Bonang hosting these awards? What does she have to do with the Mzansi Magic brand except with that My KFC Taste show that nobody watches. 

Thembisa hosted the number 1 show on the channel, she is the one person right now most associated with the channel. She is a competent host. Why was she not asked to host the event? 

This not about Bonang. It is not a Bonang vs Thembisa as hosts competition. This is about simple principle and common sense. Bonang left when Lerato was thrust into her show at Metro because it just showed a lack of respect and consideration for what she had build with The Front Row. That is exactly what is happening here. 

People like Thembisa have been with Mzansi Magic and grew with the brand and now the bosses are bringing in these It Girls to come and usurp the platform from them ... now that the channel is the cool place to be.

It is insulting! Especially given that the fans can see through all that. Boity's show "Change Down" and Bonang's cooking show have tanked in the ratings and are nowhere to be seen on the Top 30 shows list on the entire DStv platform. 

It is unfortunate that if this trend continues, soon Mzansi Magic will lose the one thing that made it special; not trying to be SABC1. The channel stood on its own and though it brought competition to SABC1, it was still different and a place to see different people. Now, I worry that magic is being killed. 

Mzansi Magic should make sure they develop their own talent and pay them well.... yeah there are murmurs in the business that there are issues of money with talent and that may have led to Thembisa's resignation. Which, if true, is also unfortunate. And I wouldn't blame her for bailing if she was not being paid well and still being disrespected by bringing SABC rejects to be treated like Queens above her. 

I love Mzansi Magic, if you follow me on Twitter you know I have my Sunday Mzansi Magic tv viewing stokvel with my friends. But things are changing and sadly not for the better for the channel. Tjovitjo is posing a real challenge to the Sunday block and with Thembisa leaving, OPW may just be facing its demise soon. 

I don't know guys ... this is just my opinion. I'd like to read yours. Hit me up on the social streets; @PhilMphela

We getting old and we forget things. I have been reminded that Bonang hosted Clash of The Choirs on Mzansi Magic which calls into question my assertion that Mzansi Magic may have been perceived to be a step down for her glamour brand. 

I completely agree. While this info does not change my sentiments that Mzansi Magic should have given Thembisa the hosting gig given that she is a Mzansi Magic talent, I concede that the 'step down' statement requires a retraction as it gives an inaccurate motivation to the points I was making. 

I could easily just edit the article and remove that part but that would be cheating. I'm leaving it as is so that everyone can see the post in its original form and the subsequent correction. 

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