Reaction to the inaugural edition of the DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards

Mzansi Magic held their inaugural DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards on Saturday and judging from the comments, the event was a success — albeit with some minor issues. 

Unfortunately I can not give a full review because I did not attend the ceremony. However, I will share an overview impression I got from the comments on social media from television critics, fans and viewers. 

Right off the bat, the host; As expected, Bonang Matheba delivered a stellar performance as host. Though some people may have misinterpreted my previous post about the awards, Bonang's capabilities and professionalism will never be in question in my book. I have worked with her, I know she delivers and is always on point. With that, I knew she was going to be a good host, I just questioned why Mzansi Magic did not invite Tembisa to host.

Judging by the reaction on social media the performances were good and there were no on stage glitches as we have come accustomed to with other local awards shows. Heard the sound let them down a bit but nothing too major to dampen the flow and vibe of the evening.

The only issue I have with the event, as with every other red-carpet event in South Africa, was the pictures. 

2017 and we still can not get this red-carpet coverage thing right. It is just annoying. There should be lists of best and worst dressed today but there aren't because we don't have proper pictures.

Another issue I have is just the overall coverage of such events. There should be panel discussions and winners interviews and just a post event hype... but dololo. The whole event and conversation about it seemingly ended when the actual ceremony ended — which is rather unfortunate.

We seriously need to cultivate a culture of making a big deal of our awards events. That starts with inviting the right people, planning and just putting in the effort. You can not invite people to such event who only care about taking pictures for their Instagram — that does nothing for your brand.

Where are the entertainment journalists and bloggers?
Where are the analysis of the nominations and subsequent winners?
Where are the fashion critics and their post event analysis?


We are getting more information about the event from viewers on social media than the people who were actually there. That is a problem. I understand some media people are pissed off because they were apparently put at the back of the sitting area, but such should be talked about so it can be fixed.

The most important people at awards shows are the nominees and the media. All preparations should be made around making sure these people are happy. With that you will have an event that will hold some stature of prestige and reverence. STOP filling your guestlists with just random people and your friends!!

Anyway, I am nitpicking here. The event was a success and one hopes next year it will be even bigger and better. Next year; tighter guestlist, bigger [size-wise] red carpet and more professional photographers. 

Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations Mzansi Magic !!

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