TJOVITJO aims to dominate Sunday TV experience

SABC 1 ushered the Spring season in on Wednesday with the announcement of its re-vitalised schedule offering of brand new shows. But one stood tall above them all! 

From the joyful ruckus behind the introduction of Tjovitjo - a new local drama series set within the township world of Pantsula dancing culture, it is evident that the channel is banking on this show to take on the Sunday tv block by storm.

You can not talk about Sunday television viewing in South Africa right now and not think of Mzansi Magic. While the channel does not command the same staggering numbers as the SABC, in terms of block branding, Sunday has belonged to Mzansi Magic.

That reign may just be ending on Sunday August 20th when Tjovitjo hits the screen. This is not an issue of ratings because even with a lowest debut, the show will still beat any show on Mzansi Magic on the same timeslot.

The goal for Tjovitjo is to become a phenomenon like Yizo Yizo was. And dare I say it; the show looks set to do just that.

With the talent of the incomparable Warren Masemola leading a cast that includes acting royals like Rapulana Seiphemo, Harriet Manamela and Tony Kgoroge as well as an edgy and provocative script;  from what I have seen, this drama pushes the envelope — and some! 

Tjovitjo is the creation of one of Mzansi’s master-storycrafters and world-renowned director, Vincent Moloi and it is produced by Lodi Matsetela (of Society Fame), a filmmaker and producer of TV and cinema locally and internationally.  

Another thrilling aspect of Tjovitjo is that it is bringing new talent on screen. The entire series is filled with fresh talent from dancers to actors who are hoping to have this platform as a stepping stone to greater heights in the entertainment industry. 

“In line with the agenda of a developmental country and the call to “open up the industry”, the drama series, Tjovitjo takes ordinary South African youth who have never acted before let alone been on TV and turns their lives around, transforming them into stars and bringing to life the channel slogan - SABC1: LIFE AND TV ARE ONE. Through a variety of our programs we continue to provide a guaranteed platform of expression for both the established and undiscovered talented and creative youth of Mzansi.” – said Clara Nzima, Head of SABC1. 

I personally love competition. I believe it elevates the game so I am thrilled to see Tjovitjo will shake up the Sunday tv block scene. Furthermore I am excited to see what the show has to offer.

Having seen some clips and heard the music, the show promises to be something special but come August 20th only YOU will decide if it deserves the fan-fare it has gotten in the lead up to its premiere.

Catch Tjovitjo on SABC1, Sunday August 20th at 20h00.

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