Training programme for young creatives

Live Mag, an online magazine created for young people by young people, is looking for 12 young South Africans between the age of 18 - 25 years to train into multimedia content producers.

Training includes:
  • writing (journalist and copy writing for brands) 
  • video production 
  • graphic designing
  • audio editing
  • social media listening and analytics 
The training also equips them to be workplace ready by offering basic soft skills such as how to write a CV and how to present and pitch. After the training, the company tries to place trainees in newsrooms or agencies. It has had an 80% success rate in placing trainees after the programme. 

The programme is a Monday to Friday, 9- 5 hustle with workshops on writing, photography, video production and social media tools for content creators and marketers. Trainees will be trained in writing for Search Engine Optimisation and using Google Analytics. They will also boost their portfolio and profile by creating content for Livity Africa platforms, including Live Mag.

  • You are a blogger or influencer who knows how to break the internet but missing the professional skills and tools to be go-pro with your platform. 
  • You are a recent graduate in journalism, communications, graphic design, photography or videography or online media. 
  • You are not a graduate but have a body of work that demonstrates your love and passion for digital content creation like a trending blog, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
Send your CV, a portfolio of your work and pitch four story ideas that you believe are well-suited for Live Mag, and express why you believe this to be the case.
  1. Profile: someone young and fresh
  2. Identity piece
  3. A photo series or video
  4. General news story that fits in with Live Mag
Deadline for applications is Wednesday, 16 August 2017 and the programme starts on Friday, 1 September 2017. Email by clicking here or call +27 (0) 11 028 7487 for more details.

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