VIA searches for Afrikaans vloggers with the launch of 'Wat maak jy?'

Today, 1 August, VIA (DStv channel 147) launched Wat maak jy? (WMJ), a video project that has two goals – VIA is searching for Afrikaans video stars and, at the same time, is offering Afrikaans vloggers a marketing platform.

VIA has joined with 20 Afrikaans digital video-makers, vloggers, and other social media personalities. The team will each create five exclusive videos that will appear on the TV channel, as well as VIA’s Facebook page and YouTube channel over the next three months.

The group will serve as inspiration for aspiring video makers and as VIA ambassadors for this three-month period. With WMJ, VIA invites South Africans to share their talents, perspectives, moments, and hobbies with the world.

Until the end of October, the VIA team will reward its favourite video of the week with R5 000. 

To enter:  

Make a short video in Afrikaans, upload it to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #VIATV and #VIAWMJ. 

Participants can send a link of their video to

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