Bonang #FromAtoB book RELAUNCHED

To err is human, to forgive divine. South African star Bonang Matheba has relaunched her controversial book; Bonang Matheba (From A to B). 

The initial release of her book in August was met with disappointment,  social media took her to task when extracts from her book were posted online with grammatical errors including the wrong date of birth day. You know the story...

Politics aside, one has to commend Matheba for having the tenacity and will to step back, reflect and correct her mistake. While we can sit around and debate how she should have apologised and the need for her to connect with her fans and South Africans on a more relatable sense, there is no denying that hers is a life that serves as a lesson and a motivation for many young South Africans. 

That she had to be the one to start the race and weather the storm so that others who will follow wont have to, is something we have to appreciate and applaud her for. 

As human beings we are bound to make mistakes, it is how we rise on the other side that determines our greatness and legacy. One can only hope Matheba has learned some valuable lessons and going forward we will see an even more refined brand Bonang Matheba that is not above reproach or criticism. 

I know some of her fans think I hate her — which I don't, it is because she is a superstar and a role model that I criticise her when she fumbles. I do not have to be her friend but as a fan of the industry, I hold her to high esteem and thus will always look to her to raise the bar and meet the high standards she has set for herself and the industry. 

Hopefully from this point on, Bonang and her team will work better at keeping the brand she has painstakingly built on perfection living up to that standard and we can continue to celebrate her as a trailblazer. 

Bonang: From A to B (Second Edition) is out in store now. 

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