Bonang urges Nigerians to 'Dial Up' support for their female stars

South African media star, Bonang Matheba, has always been a proponent of female empowerment and has used her fame and platform to offer young women help. Matheba is now using her voice to help uplift African women in entertainment. 

Her personal and career woes this year have taken centre stage which unfortunately meant that Matheba's involvement with the charity organisation One Global Campaign has gone unnoticed by the masses.

As part of the campaign, which is aimed at educating African girls who do not have access to education, Matheba has used her resources and celebrity status to commit herself to help educate as many girls as possible. 

In an interview with Nigerian Tribune, Matheba says that she has taken it upon herself to educate at least 100 girls. 
I believe in the power of giving back through education and how it can shape and change one’s outlook. Through the Bonang Matheba Foundation we have initiated a process where we are educating and funding 10 girls this year with full scholarships. In the years to come, we hope to extend this to more than just this group of amazing young and talented girls. It is my mission to achieve this and it will be done.
Matheba's efforts are commendable and I wish her well in that endeavour. On the same interview her statement on Nigerian entertainment industry and its support for female stars also piqued my attention. When asked about the comparison between South Africa and Nigerian entertainment industries, Bonang reportedly said; 
In terms of their entertainment industry, I would have to give it to them in delivering a stunning red-carpet experience and their ability to elevate the status of their artistes. When it comes to my beloved home country, I would have to say, our industry is far much kinder to our female counterparts and the industry genuinely celebrates them and allows them to shine.  
This is more progressive and probably where I feel Nigeria can do a bit more in terms of dialling this up. An example, Tiwa Savage is the only popular female voice in Nigeria that is greatly celebrated while the rest of the country honours and recognises more men. This is an area from observation that can be more elevated.
I don't agree with her on this as I believe Nigeria celebrates a lot of their female stars. Film star Omotola Jalade Ekiende is an international star and receives a lot of praise and support from her country. Actresses Rita Dominic and Genevieve Nnanji are hugely popular in Naija pop culture across the world with their films grossing millions for the Nigerian film industry. 

Yemi Alade is also one other notable female musician beside Tiwa Savage who gets a lot of recognition for her work. Yemi's song "Johnny", having raked up over 75 million views, nabbed her the honour of being the first African female to hit that milestone.  

I do agree with Bonang that looking from the outside, Naija entertainment seems to be dominated by male stars. Obviously there are cultural and financial factors that contribute to that. Men still earn significantly more than their female counterparts in the industry that side. 

Of course she is not saying Nigeria does not celebrate its female stars, she just think Tiwa is the only one who is greatly celebrated. I am saying she is partly right but Tiwa is not the only female being greatly celebrated in Nigerian entertainment industry. 

No one can argue with anyone calling for the support of female entertainers to be dialled up. That is something Africa needs to rally behind. 

Matheba is set to launch her memoir Bonang: From A to B in Nigeria sometime this year. 

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