South Africans Still Love Shaka Zulu

If you'd have asked me if I think Shaka Zulu series would still be a hit in 2017 I probably would have laughed and said no. But boy would then have been so wrong! 

Thirty-one years since its first television debut Shaka Zulu series still proves to be a formidable compelling watch for millions of South Africans. According to the latest television ratings from SABC1, which is currently broadcasting reruns of the show, last Sunday's episode pulled an impressive 3.5-million viewers. 

We can rehash the whole lack of access to Dstv debate, but the fact still remains that with access to other social things people could be doing on a Sunday including watching other free-to-air channels, 3.5-million viewers choose to watch a show that is 31 years old. 

This speaks to the everlasting indelible imprint the show has on our history and entertainment. If the show is done well, it will stand the test of time. Much like the story of English Queens like Victoria and Elizabeth I still find resonance with modern television and cinema audiences all over the world, our very own King Shaka's life story is still relevant to our people and that is something to be proud of. 

Shaka Zulu airs on SABC1, Sunday at 20h30. 

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