Uyanda Mbuli Reality Show Back For New Season

Shot from six locations all over the world, Uyanda Mbuli's reality show is back on SABC3 for a new season and it promises to be quite a ride. 

Uyanda It's On, a reality show showcasing the jet-setter life of South Africa's prolific businesswoman and socialite Uynada Mbuli, is making a comeback with some new flavour. 

To start with, the show has an all new production team. For its second season the show is going bigger and more refined as it delves more into Mbuli's business venture — with the added pleasures of her fabulous life of course!

Mbuli is fully invested in the project as her own company, Uyanda Mbuli Corporation, will now be solely handling the production following the severance of ties with the partnership team that  helped to produce the first season. 

The new season is comprised of 13 episodes, shot on locations such as Dubai, Paris, London, New York and Mauritius, as well as in Mzansi. 

While the show, like many on the channel, is at the mercy of SABC3's overall audience share thus affecting its ratings, it would appear the SABC see value in having the show on its bouquet. That shows faith from the broadcaster in independent content creators. 

For Mbuli, she has proven her prowess as a television producer and a bankable talent. Now that she is taking on the production on her own, we will see how much she has learned and this could very well see the emergence of a new career path for Mbuli as a producer for new projects. 

Uyanda It's On season 2 premieres on SABC 3 on October 6th. 


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