What to watch on Netflix on Heritage Day

Regardless of whether you call it a braai, barbecue, chisa nyama or umbengo, on the 24th of September, South Africans across the rainbow nation will be celebrating our shared heritage by gathering with friends and family around fires. To add extra sizzle to the fireside festivities, Netflix has some suggestions on shows to keep everyone entertained while the tjops are being tanned.  

  • Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

What better way to celebrate a truly South African tradition like Braai Day, than by watching Mzansi’s favourite export, Trevor Noah, with the family? In this Netflix special, the funny man tackles controversial topics with witty comedy that’s as fresh as the salads being served.
  • Chelsea

Keep the laughs coming with comedian and bestselling author, Chelsea Handler as she hosts her irreverent, unconventional talk show full of famous faces, big ideas and mind-blowing adventures that will be a welcome break from your uncle’s unfunny jokes.  
  • Naked

If you’ve binged a bit too much on the braai vleis and broodjies but still want to look good in your swimsuit, watching the hilarious Netflix original will have you laughing so hard your tummy will be toned in minutes. The movie stars Marlon Wayans as Rob Anderson, who wakes up naked in a hotel elevator on his wedding day and sets off to find out what happened, how he got there and where the hell his clothes are.
  • Girl Boss
Although every braai has a braai master, it’s actually the women who are in charge – who do you think buys the food, prepares the meat, makes the salads, lays the table and ensures everyone is enjoying themselves? While the boys are bickering over whether it’s better to use coal or wood, take a break, grab the girls (and a glass of your favourite dop) and treat yourselves to this series based loosely on a true story. By the time the food is finally ready, you’ll have probably made it through all 12 episodes that follow Sophia, a misfit whose passion for fashion leads her to becoming an unlikely businesswoman.  
  • Santa Clarita Diet
Looking for an alternative taste to tjops and wors? Why not whet your appetite with the unordinary and watch this horror-comedy? Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore star as Joel and Sheila Hammond, suburban real estate agents living in a comfortable rut in Santa Clarita, California. That is until Sheila starts craving human flesh.
  • Fuller House

Your house may be heaving with Braai Day guests but it can get fuller. If you were a Full House fan back in the 80s and 90s, you’ll love the sequel that brings the Tanner family and their friends back together.
  •  Inside Out

With Sunday being a public holiday, moms and dads deserve the day off too. They can relax with a tjop en dop while the kids enjoy this animated blockbuster. Go inside the mind of 11-year-old Riley, meet her emotions - Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust - and see their reactions to her family’s move across the country.

  • Happy Feet

This feel good film for the whole family to watch after the flames die down features the late great Robin Williams along with other stars like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Elijah Wood. The movie takes viewers into the world of Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song. When one penguin is born who cannot sing, he learns that he can tap dance something fierce and, despite being different from the flock, finds love and friendship. Happy Feet = Happy Family.

Whatever feast is served at your braai or chisa nyama, these shows have all the right ingredients for a lekker Braai Day.

To get Netflix, go to www.netflix.com and follow the simple instructions. Sign up and get the first month free.

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