Reaction: Bit of a let down at The Intern SA finale shoot event

I attended the finale shoot and party for David Tlale tonight and I have a few bones to grind with the production of the event and the shoot. 

Let me prefix this by getting one thing out of the way; I am a huge fan of The Intern SA by David Tlale. If you follow me on Twitter you'd know that I have been encouraging people to tune in. I will even venture to say; The Intern SA is the break out show for 2017 for SABC. 

That said, what I experienced tonight left me a little annoyed and disappointed. Don't get me wrong ... there was a lot that was great about the show but I believe to elevate the entertainment game in SA we have to be honest with each other. 

Firstly, arriving at the venue in Newtown, we were chauffeured to the main event in Mercedes Benz cars. Obviously expectations were high after that. Upon arriving on the black carpet things went sour very fast. 

The event was supposed to start at 18h00 (that was the guest arrivals as per the invitation) but by 18h20 when I showed up the place was chaotic. As we walked in, we were told to move away from the black carpet because some lady had to vacuum it. Seriously!! 
More insult to injury was walking in and finding the staff scattered around the venue eating their dinner. What were they doing all day? Why were they only eating when guests were arriving? Who was supervising the preparations for the evening? 

After that shocker, at around 18h50, I went to the bar upstairs. I didnt wanna drink alcohol so I ordered passion fruit and lemonade. My drink took a good 15 min to be made because apparently the bar was still being prepared for opening. When the drink finally came, I was told it is cash bar — no problem, I took out the cash but then the barman tells me I can't pay him cash as they only take cards. I nearly lost it but I'm a calm guy so I laughed it off and returned the drink. 
With no drink, I had to spend the hour before the actual live shoot on my phone checking on my twitter feed. I was so disappointed to see that viewers at home, who were watching the pre-finale segments of the show, were complaining about the production. 
What really bothered me is coming to the realization that there was a possibility that there was no pre shoot rehearsal for the show. If there was, then clearly there were a lot of amateurs in this production because what I could deduce from the comments was that the shoot was a mess filled with glitches. 

By the time the actual finale shoot happened I had resigned myself to drinking the free alcohol that was provided. Can't complain about that. I met some great people and had fun conversations. the issue I had is the first 20 min of the show. What you at home may not have been aware of, is that we at the venue could not hear the pre-packaged segment of the contestants. DEAD SILENCE. We could not react to what was being said because we just couldn't hear. That was eventually sorted.

Finally ... The disrespect shown to Vusi Nova and 047 is unforgivable. Just after announcing the winner, Vusi Nova was supposed to perform but the lack of control and planning left the poor guy and his stable mates 047 being swamped on the ramp with no space to perform on. Yeah they got their cheque for  night anyway but the whole thing just looked awful. The guys were standing in the middle of a crowd trying to sing but no-one was paying attention because the 'stage' was not cleared nor was there any communication that people should remain on their spot to allow the musicians to do their set. A mess!

Ok. This is why I am writing this; David Tlale is the epitome of black excellence in this industry. The man prides himself in perfection and I love him for that. His clothes are amazing and well made. His constant contention with contestants on The Intern SA is that they should make perfect garment. Finish the garment and make sure it is presentable before showing it. Sadly the same rule did not apply to this auspicious event to crown the winner of the show. 

I love David Tlale and I am obsessed with The Intern SA. I hope they get a second season because the production of the show upto the finale was on point. That said, slacking at the end may have just ruined the great job the production team did on the entire season. 

We can sit here and rationalise why things went wrong and make excuses about this being the first season and live shows are hard to do ... I refuse to play that game. Mediocrity has been celebrated too long in this business and it's 2017 so we have to call out nonsense when we see it. The David Tlale brand did not deserve the slacking and amateurish preparations that I saw tonight. 

This is King Tlale, everything attached to his name should be on point. Everyone associated with the David Tlale brand should bring their A-Game or they do not belong in his orbit. 

All in all, my gripes aside, this was an ok event and I have seen worse, but moving forward, I hope David and his team never let that shoddy work ever happen again. 

Ranting aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show. I had a good seat in the front row and the collections by the interns were amazing. Big up to David Tlale and the team for allowing these young designers to have a platform to show off their talent. They may not have all won the prize but South Africa knows of their talent now and I can not wait to see them become big brand. 

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