Reaction to my Pulane posts backlash

I have massive respect for women. I was raised by women. My career has been mainly supported by women. The idea that I am an apologist for abuse is so far from the truth. 

On occasions that I have commented on abuse and the industry, it is when there has been a case. I am a firm believer in not using social media to prosecute people. That is just me and perhaps I need to evolve on that but at this stage, I don't think social media should have the power to destroy people's life or careers. 

Granted. Perhaps my personal 'issues' with Pulane and family ties to Katlego may have influenced my judgement on this. I never said Katlego is incapable of doing this, I just asked that Pulane provide a police report instead of Instagram posts. 

Obviously, some people will see this differently and that is ok. I personally think we should not police by social media. That is a dangerous slope to tread on. I have said this when #MenAreTrash was trending. It is not a popular view but I stand by it. 

I do not believe that all men should be tagged with a monster tag. I think men, like women, have the right to defend their character especially in these days of social media lynch mobs and the expectation that people should loose their jobs on allegations made on social media. 

Yes our justice system has failed our women. Yes sometimes there extenuating circumstances that stop a woman from reporting abuse. But how is it a crime to ask that there be more information or proof beyond just one person's statement before we lynch someone. 

Believe me, when we say #MenAreTrash, it is not Pieter or Conrad who will wear that badge, it is black men. Given our history with black men being demonised and labelled as predatory beings that white women should be afraid of, is it not incumbent on us in 2017 to say; we rebuke any abuse towards women but we also take heed of the fact that we need to know the full story before demonising someone?

Look, I am not a know-it-all. I am human. I am fallible. I am open to learning. Never claimed otherwise. Perhaps I am wrong and on that I am open to some education and engagement on the subject. Insulting me doesn't do anything for the conversation because then it perpetuates the notion that the chorus is always right and anyone with a different view must be evil.

The only apology I will make is allowing my 'issues' against Pulane to seep into my words but the message was motivated by the reasoning above.

We don't have to agree but I welcome any insights ...

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