Kagugelo Should Win Mzansi Insider Presenter Search

And then they were 2. After a gruelling search for Mzansi Insider's new presenter, Kgaugelo Mokholwane and Zanele Potelwa are the two finalist left standing. In my pinion, the show needs Kgaugelo more than Zanele. 

This op-ed is not by any means a knock on Zanele's abilities or potential to be a good host. My views are primarily based on what each of the two is bringing, not only to the show, but the industry at large.

I like Zanele's personality. She comes across as someone genuinely fun and grounded. I bet she would fit well into the Mznsi Magic team. That said though, gorgeous and talented as she is, she looks like any other girl on TV. In fact, in a different time, I would peg that as her strength because that girl-next-door thing about her is what makes her relatable and could be a hit with audiences.

BUT... the industry is in need of someone new with some pazass and flare for style. We need a male Loot Love of sort, someone who is just as good on camera as he would look on a cover of a magazine or billboard but not a pretty boy ... we have enough of pretty boys in the game. Kgaugelo fit that perfectly. 

SABC1 is in dire need for a fresh star on their platform someone to be the new face on the channel in the same way that Minnie, Lunga Shabalala and Chi Mhende were when they first made their appearance on the platform. 

Kgaugelo benefits from the fact that at this moment there is not a single male celebrity who is standing out from the fray in our celeb-ville. A simple glance at a list one could compile of South Africa's top male tv talent this year; Siphesihle Vazi, Sive Ngesi, Maps Maponyane and Lunga Shabalala, though his spotlight has dimmed a bit — they all kinda look the same with their gym bods and conventional look. 

Of course you still have personalities such as Dash, Skhumba, Donavan Goliath and Kat Sinivasan making some buzz in the A-list stratosphere and dont fit that muscle boy aesthetic but none of them has actually stood out to be that new talent to define the 2016/2017 television season either. 

Kgaugelo on the hand has something unique about him. His style aesthetic is different from the other guys on television right now. He reminds me a little like Siyabonga Ngwekazi with his unusual personality and style. He is just different. 

Look at this Top 5 group picture. Who immediately draws your attention and you will likely remember?

At a time when SABC is facing stiff competition from Mzansi Magic, Vuzu and other platforms, it is important that the channel go back to that brand superiority it once held as a platform to launch new A-listers. 

It is not just about the numbers anymore. SABC has the numbers but does it still have star power? Can the channel still produce new stars in the same wave like it did with Loot Love? Is SABC1 still the channel for cool celebrities?

In Kgaugelo, Mzansi Insider may have just found a rising star — a young man who can easily revive the coolness of SABC1. My bet is on Kgaugelo being the next presenter. There is something special about him. Should he win, I hope he gets the right management team and becomes the star he has the potential to be. 

Good luck to both Zanele and Kgaugelo. You both have room in the industry beyond this competition. 

Mzansi Insider airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10AM on SABC1. 

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