Isidingo star says he regrets taking time off the soapie to shoot Agent in Mauritius

What should have been an experience of a lifetime for young actor Robert Mpisi has turned in to a night — banged up abroad levels. Mpisi is one of the few actors on the set of Agent currently being shot in Mauritius who are speaking out about the mess they are caught up in with the show. 

Speaking from the picturesque island, Mpisi echoed Pamela Nomvete's grievances about the treatment they have had to endure on the see of Agent. He says he was shocked at the level of ill-treatment they have been subjected to on that set. 

For his personal gripe with the situation, Mpisi says he was grateful that Isidingo producers gave him some time off the soapie to shoot this new series but now regrets ever signing on to do the show. 

Actors on the set have informed me that they have had to fight for their payment and the living conditions allocated to them are not up to the standard they expected. They further inform me that they are forced to share living quarters with total strangers and in some instances 4 people are expected to share. 

On the issue of payment, I am told that their December salary was delayed and only paid on the 6th of January without any apology or engagement from production. Few of them had to pester their agents to push the production to pay them. 

Mpisi shared an incident where he had a day off and at 6am in the morning was abruptly woken up and told to vacate the apartment because the production had to shoot in it. 

While Mpisi harbours no ill feelings towards anyone on the production, he says he is appalled by the unprofessionalism he witnessed on this set and appreciates working on well run production like Isidingo more. 

At the moment Mpisi is still in Mauritius and is set to fly back to SA sometime this month. 

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