SA's first ever exclusively gay show airs on GAUTV

New show “I Was In the Closet” and brings light to some of the struggles faced by the LGBTI community in Mzansi. The show will be hosted by Reverend/Dr. Tebo Moema.

The show, according to the channel, will provide a platform to discuss the journey of sexuality with some of South Africa’s personalities and their personal story of coming out of the closet as the title suggests.

In each episode – Dr. Moema guest features a member of the LGBTI community members including celebrities which he chats to and dives deep in their story of being part of the LGBTI community in Mzansi. Using his experienced skills and advise as Reverend and Doctor, Dr Moema carefully tackles issues on homosexuality that divide many communities throughout the country.

“I would love us all to have open discussions and hear each other out as equal members of society, and I Was in The Closet is a programme to offer a step in that direction,” said Dr. Tebo Moema

“We are not only telling closet stories but also sharing life lessons on marriage, having children and living life to the full within the LGBTI community of Mzansi” 

Catch “I Was In The Closet” every Monday at 21:30 on GAUTV. (DStv channel 265).

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