Time for SABC1 to leave the shebeen

SABC1 recently held its first quarter upfronts in Johannesburg. Not much has changed in terms of scheduling from last quarter of 2017, this season will be about new seasons for their current shows. That said, can we talk about brand SABC1. 

For a very long time SABC1 has dominated the television landscape in SA with their youth targeted offerings. It is the channel that aired Yizi Yozo, Gaz'lam, Soul City and many other shows that defined an era for most of our youth. 

At the core of the SABC1 identity was a reflection of kasi youth culture in South Africa. This was a channel for Mzansi's black youth. It worked. The channel pulled big numbers and still does to this day. 

However, SABC1 seems to be stuck in time. Yeah Imma say it; the SABC1 brand is fast becoming dated... redundant even.  

While the channel still pulls massive numbers — 14 out of the 20 most watched tv shows in South Africa are broadcast on SABC1, the channel has lost its cool factor. The shebeen and tsotsi lifestyle image is played out. 

The average kasi young person is no longer the guy ka s'dori and All Stars sneakers. Township swag has evolved. Township lifestyle has evolved. A reflection of kasi life has to. 

SABC1 is not cool anymore. They need to rebrand the channel to make it more reflective of the millennials who watch them now, they have the numbers but lack the swag. 

Mzansi Magic can only dream of the numbers SABC pulls, better yet SABC1, but it is a cool channel. It is cool because it is not still stuck in the 90s idea of what being black is. SABC1 has to move with times, get into the digital space, commission shows that are less preachy but more fun, and get better lifestyle programs. 

Look at the channel's entertainment and magazine shows, they have been there forever. And yeah, they may change presenters and try to revamp their look but truth is; after a while the show titles just makes one feel like the channel is old and dated. 

Haai... straight talk? It is time to leave the shebeen and tavern now we got pubs and bars ekasi!

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