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Phil Mphela is South African independent TV critic, Entertainment Commentator and TV Presenter. He chronicles the country's entertainment industry, particularly the television industry.

He is also a pop culture expert who works with brands to communicate and engage with young South Africans.

Born in Brits and raised in Moruleng, North West province of South Africa, Phil Mphela has been part of the South African entertainment industry since 2002.

Phil's journey to South Africa's A List circles is an interesting one. After completing matric he came to Johannesburg to pursue a career in the arts .

With dreams of becoming an actor, a chance meeting with Sello K. Duiker changed his path and a love for writing about the industry beckoned.

It wasn't until 2007 when he discovered TVSA that he fully realized his potential. One article and thousands of hits later, a blogging career burgeoned.

Not one to miss a change to create opportunities for himself, Phil saw the chance to expand his brand beyond just writing commentary about the entertainment industry.

In 2010 he raised some cash and approached organisers of Feather Awards about covering the red carpet for his showreel. That shoot and subsequent interest in the viral video of his interview with Khanyi Mbau and Primrose Crous led to a start in a new career path as a Presenter. 

In 2011, he was approached by OwenKessel to be a presenter on their FanCam initiative which covered the behind-the-scenes footage for SABC 1's Class Act.

After months of travelling around the country interviewing fans of the show and stars who were involved in the production, he wrapped in July and immediately joined South Africa's biggest online/mobile news channel, Zoopy, as an entertainment presenter.

With Zoopy Phil has interviewed South Africa's biggest names in fashion, television, radio and music. From (our country's first daughter) Gugu Zuma, DJ Sbu, Dion Chang, Lira, Jeanne D, Michelle Botes, Connie Ferguson, to industry newcomers Kenny Kunene, AKA, among many others. He has also been invited to rub shoulders with international stars such as Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Brandy, Charlize Theron, Kevin Spacey and Idris Elba

Phil is not one to sit on his laurels. This self-made man is always working on projects that continue to see him play a pivotal role in the South African entertainment industry. 

He is currently the brand ambassador for Datsun Go car, a media consultant and works with different stakeholders in the media, marketing and entertainment industry. 

His passion and dedication to this industry is what sets him apart from rest.

Zoopy Write Up About Its Presenter: Phil Mphela  

Phil   MphelaSouth Africa’s answer to Perez Hilton, Phil knows the who’s who in the world of celebrity and he was born red-carpet-ready. Despite being raised in Rustenburg, Phil rose above this adversity and moved to the big city of Jo’burg where he started out as a blogger.

But that was only the beginning for this style icon. Avidly stalking Beyonce means that Phil has become a well rounded human being, like an onion - the man has layers and his good looks make many girls cry.

While rifling through his underwear drawer when he wasn’t at home, we did however find Willow Smiths’ single; Whip my Hair. We stole it as evidence that even the coolest of cools have their weakness.

The man also has a heart of gold and has touched many people in a very special way – not like that!


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